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Your smile is your signature and its protection matters the most to us. We at Victoria Place Dental Center offer a wide range of dental services to treat teeth and gum problems and beautify your healthy smile. We are a dedicated dental team and we offer dental care to every person in your family. Our aim is to prevent dental problems and improve oral health of patients who visit our dental practice. We believe that educating people about dental health and hygiene and routine dental check up can prevent dental problems in the community. If you are a resident of Eureka, Humboldt, Arcata or surrounding communities, come visit our dental office. Our comprehensive care can ensure that you and your family members stay protected from dental infection and all other types of oral health problems.

Our motto is to treat our patients in the most pleasant environment where they feel comfortable. All our staff members are specially trained to treat patients in the most friendly and helping way. The experience of our team enhances the quality of dental care received at our office.

We have the most advanced technological equipment to offer exceptional quality care. Our equipment help us identify, treat, cure and prevent dental problems. Our team is well-trained to handle the sophisticated technological equipment. Some of these technologies help us in educating patients and lets them make an informed decision about dental treatment.

Emergency dental conditions can be painful and can upset your daily routine. These conditions should be treated immediately in order to prevent loss of soft or hard tissues. At our dental office our dentist treats toothache, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, fallen filling and all other dental emergencies on priority. We take steps to restore hard and soft tissues and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Our team focuses towards preventing dental problems by educating patients about healthy practices and healthy diet. We teach patients the right way to brush and floss and caution them about practices that need to be avoided. Our Eureka dentist offers a wide range of dental restorations including dental implants, crowns and fillings that can strengthen damaged or decayed tooth or replace a lost tooth. Quality dental treatment and aftercare through follow-up visits have helped us create healthy smiles for many patients who dental visit us from Humboldt, Eureka California, Arcata and surrounding communities.

If you are looking for a family dental practice to take care of all dental necessities of your family members, contact our office today. Our family dentist and dental team will be waiting to welcome you at our office.


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We are equipped with latest technological devices. Patient comfort comes first at our fully furnished office.

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We take every opportunity to keep you informed about dental procedures and importance of oral health.

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