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When you have lost all or most of your teeth, you will need a dental restoration to aid you with chewing and in maintaining facial shape. The advancements in restorative dentistry have paved way to introduction of some groundbreaking dental restorations. Thanks to these developments, dentures, which have been traditionally used to replace lost teeth, are much advanced in the design and functionality today. Unlike the inconvenient teeth sets of the past, today's dentures are comfortable to wear and work wonderfully in improving the oral health and overall health of patients. At Victoria Place Dental Center, our aim is to treat people of all age groups and fulfill every need of the patient. We are proud to state that our dentures have brought healthy smiles in the patients of Eureka, CA and surrounding communities.

Types of dentures

Dentures can be classified based on the number of teeth they replace and the type of support. Partials are those dentures which replace only a few teeth in a row. Complete dentures replace all teeth in a row. Dentures that are available today can be supported by implants. This gives them higher stability. Two or four dental implants are strategically inserted in the supporting bone and the dentures are fixed over them through different types of mechanisms.

Ball type implant supported dentures

Under ball type mechanism the implant has a cap which is designed like a ball. This ball fits into the hole that is designed in the denture.

Bar type implant supported dentures

Bar type mechanism has a bar fit over the dental implants. The denture can be clasped over the bar for stability.

Dentures restoration process

The first and foremost thing our dentist Dr. Awwad does is to examine oral health of the patient. We check the status of the supporting bone. Any remaining non-functional teeth may be removed during the course. The gums are left to heal after the tooth extraction process. The gums may recede after few weeks. During the second visit impressions of gums are taken. These impressions help us in fabricating temporary denture at our office. The implants are placed strategically in the supporting bone and left to heal. The temporary denture is placed over the gums in such a way that the implants do not receive the load. After the healing period, our dentist checks for successful integration of the implant. Impressions of gums are taken once again and permanent dentures are fabricated in the lab. The dentures are fixed over implants using ball-type or bar-type mechanism. Patients are advised to remove the dentures and clean it once during the day. This helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

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