Suffering From These Dental Issues? Visit Your Dentist Immediately!

Different people have different dental concerns. While some may wait a day or two to understand the problem, some might require emergency dental care.

Do you live in and around Eureka? If yes, then help is not far away.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following dental discomforts, make your way to the best emergency dentist in Eureka immediately!

Here are some major signs that are telling you to rush to your dentist immediately!

Severe and Unexplained Toothache

This is a no brainer. If you are suddenly plagued by sharp and severe toothache, you should immediately make your way to the dentist. A toothache can either be cavities, plaque, or something more serious that can cause extreme discomfort to your well-being.

Here's a self-assessment you can undertake.

Poke your gums softly and check for pain in the nearby tooth. You may also experience tooth sensitivity or sharp pain, which might be unbearable.

Visiting the dentist immediately will help alleviate pain and even nip a severe problem in the bud.

Your Mouth Tastes Like Metal/Pennies

You are more likely to get this sensation if you have a dental crown. You often get a metal taste in your mouth if your crown filling has come loose. Visit your dentist immediately since this exposed filling can be a breeding ground for cavities and infections. Not getting it checked immediately can wreak havoc on your dental health, even leading to complicated surgeries like the root canal.

A Broken Tooth

You might find a part of your tooth chipped out. However, if you don’t feel any pain, you don’t have to undergo emergency care. On the other hand, if your permanent tooth is broken or knocked out, seeking urgent medical care will not only take care of the resultant pain but may also save your tooth.

If your entire tooth detaches itself from the root, drop it into a cup of milk and take it to your emergency dentist. The chances of them being able to salvage your tooth and reinsert it.

Unexplained Bleeding of Gums

If you have been flossing too hard, don't be surprised to find your gums bleeding. However, if the bleeding continues for an unexplained amount of time, combined with swelling and pain, it may indicate a periodontal disease that requires urgent medical attention. We recommend visiting your dentist at the earliest.

Swollen Jaw or Mouth

Swollen jaw or mouth is a telltale sign for either swollen lymph nodes, infection, or very rarely, cancer. A swollen jaw can also be indicative of an existing gum disease that is calling for your attention. There are many permutations here, but since you cannot roll the dice on your health, you must immediately visit your dentist!

An experienced dentist often catches the problem early on and helps you avoid dental catastrophes. You must visit a dentist in case of an emergency and slash the chances of such dire situations by making dental checkups a regular affair.

To fix an appointment with the best dentist in Eureka, call us now at 707-443-9374.

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