Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

It is highly essential that we maintain a healthy and strict oral care routine, for healthy teeth and gums. A healthy set of teeth and gums helps wade away the risk of being affected by gum problems, teeth decay, and bad breath.

Here is a surprising dental fact that will help you motivate, in maintaining good oral health, Did you know that your oral health can offer clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body?

An unkempt mouth can lead to gum problems, which may increase your risk of being affected by some serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor. How can my dentist tell if I am suffering from any other physical health ailments through my mouth?

For most of these ailments, the early stage indication is seen in one's mouth, the change in the color of the tongue or an examination of a swab of your saliva, can give your dentist some hints of other health problems that you may be suffering from.

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Necessary?

Seeing your dentist at regular intervals helps us to keep our mouth in good health and allows your dentist to watch for any progression that may point to other health concerns. A dental exam can also detect poor food habits and hygiene, growth and development problems and improper jaw alignment. Provide your dentist with a complete medical history and talk to him or her of any recent health developments, even if they seem to be irrelevant to your oral health.

How often should I have a dental check-up?

After your dental examination, your Dentist in Humboldt Eureka California will recommend a date for your next visit. The time to your next check-up could be as short as three months or as long as one year or more generally, the lower your risk of dental problems, the longer you can wait before your next check-up. So people with good oral health will probably need to attend dental visits only once every 12 to 24 months, but those with more problems will need check-ups more often.

For more information on regular dental visits, talk to your dental team or visit Victoria Place Dental Center Eureka California

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