Importance Of Spinach For Healthy Teeth and Gums

We all would have grown with memories of watching our favorite cartoon characters. One such character would be Popeye a sailor who touted the importance of spinach that made him strong to fight against the big bully Bluto to save his girlfriend Olive.

So here is a special day, which we commemorate the importance of this green leafy delight spinach. March 26th is celebrated as the National Spinach day.

It’s not just Popeye who gains immense strength from his favorite Spinach, but everyone who chooses to indulge themselves to some of this leafy green will get to join in the physical as well as dental health benefits of spinach.

Benefits of Spinach to your overall health.

Spinach contains 13 types of antioxidant compounds and a whole lot of iron. It also contains vitamins including Vitamin A, C and K. This green leafy vegetable is also packed with folate, calcium, protein, and fiber. With all of this goodness, spinach has only 40 calories in a single cup. The nutrients in spinach provide a powerful punch of cancer-fighting properties. Spinach produces a substance that causes prostate cancer cells to self-destruct and another substance that prevents ovarian cancer cells from forming. Spinach also promotes cardiovascular health with properties that help to lower your blood pressure and prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Dark green vegetables, including spinach, support brain function in aging patients.

Spinach for your Oral Health

Since spinach is high in calcium, it promotes oral health by building up teeth enamel. It is also rich in folic acid, a type of vitamin B that has varied health benefits, including possibly treating gum problems. Spinach is full of beta-carotene, which is needed for keeping tooth enamel strong.

Do you know evidence shows that spinach juice may be good for oral health? Potential oral health care benefits include preventing gum disease and cavities. More study is required to properly understand the long-term positive impact of spinach juice on oral health, but a drinkable, concentrated version of spinach is sure to load your body with plenty of healthy nutrients.

Have you ever felt the strange chalky feeling after having fresh spinach salad? Well this is due to the high quantity of oxalic acid that is present in spinach. This oxalic acid present in spinach, can stop your body from absorbing the iron. To improve this spinach should always be eaten with food that contains Vitamin C. So next time you are chomping down cooked spinach, make sure you squeeze some fresh lemon on top.

Some Interesting facts about Spinach:

  • Following China, The United States is the world’s second largest producer of spinach
  • California, Arizona and New Jersey are the top spinach producing states in the United States

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