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A bright and healthy smile is an expensive ornament any person can wear. Good-looking smiles never fail to gain attention and they are effective in creating a good first impression. This is the reason why many people look for tooth whitening methods to beautify their teeth. Although there are over-the-counter tooth whitening products, the in-office tooth whitening process at our office in Eureka, California is more effective and safe. If you have a desire for a brighter smile, visit our office. Our tooth whitening solutions can help you clear stain and whiten teeth. Come speak to our cosmetic dentist Dr. Awwad today!

Why do teeth look dull?

The natural color of teeth can be broadly classified into four types, which are reddish gray, yellow, gray and reddish yellow and reddish brown. The color shade of a person's teeth may vary based on hygiene habits, diet, dental health condition and age of the person. The teeth start to wear as the person grown old. Conditions like bruxism too can cause tooth wear. When the enamel layer of the tooth wears away, the dentin layer which is yellowish in color becomes visible.

Other causes for tooth discoloration include consumption of dark colored fluids like cola, coffee, tea and wine. Smoking too can cause discoloration of teeth.

Tooth whitening at our office

The first and foremost requirement for tooth whitening is that the teeth should be healthy and free from plaque. If a tooth is decayed it should be treated first. Our dentist may recommend a professional dental cleaning if necessary. Pictures of teeth are taken in all stages. Our team gauges the color shade of teeth using a shade scale.

The tooth whitening process begins with drying the teeth. The gums are protected using a protective gel. The whitening agent is applied over teeth. This agent consists of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These peroxides have the ability to enter the porous enamel layer and clear stain through oxidation. This can brighten the teeth greatly. A special light is shined over the teeth to accelerate the oxidation process. Each sitting may take about 20 minutes and there may be 2 sittings depending on the patient. The smile is brightened within an hour and the results are visible immediately after the treatment. On completion of the whitening process, our team explains patients how to retain brightness for long.

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