The Benefits Of Wearing Dentures

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Consult Dr. Awwad, to find out more options about Partial or Full Dentures. Loosing all or most of your teeth can be a very unpleasant felling as it may cause difficulties while speaking, chewing food, or even facing social gatherings. Teeth loss can occur for various reasons like poor dental hygiene, trauma, or even dental disease (e.g. caries or periodontal disease). Lost teeth can also make you look more sunken.

In order to restore your smile, dentist suggest restorative dentistry procedures. One among which are dentures. many of us might not be quite comfortable having false teeth in our mouth, fearing its appearance and discomforts.

So how can dentures help?

Unlike your traditional teeth set, dentures are quite comfortable to use and wear. They also ace wonderfully with functional aspect of a natural teeth like help you chew, speak and smile confidentally. Dentures also help restore your facial shape.

Types of Dentures:

There are mainly two types of dentures

  1. Partial Denture
  2. Complete Dentures

Difference between Partial and Complete Dentures:

Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth. They come as fixed or removable dentures. Fixed dentures, also known as implants, are bonded permanently into the jaw socket. They look and function like normal teeth and tend to be economically bit higher than removable dentures.

Full or complete dentures on the other hand, are a full set (removable) dentures that replace all of the missing teeth. If you have any natural teeth left, your dentist may suggest you go for an over dentures that will fit ‘over’ those teeth.

Some Advantages of complete dentures are:

  1. Improved ability to bite and chew your favorite food
  2. Few restrictions on food that you can eat with your dentures on
  3. Eliminate social awkwardness caused by gaps and missing teeth
  4. Restore your face appearance
  5. Protects remaining teeth (if any) from extensive wear
  6. Can be removed for proper cleaning and brushing

If you are located in Eureka or any neighboring community and plan to get dentures for yourselves make sure they always fit well and feel comfortable. If your dentures are loose, broken, worn out or hurt, consult a dentist, as this can have severe ill-consequences on your oral health.

The knowledgeable and skilled staff at Victoria Place Dental Center can help you with any concerns related to dentures. Call us today at 707-443-9374

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